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Chehaw Hours

Park Hours
8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Zoo Hours
9:30 am - 4:30 pm

Flint RiverQuarium Hours

10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Thronateeska Hours

10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Free Education Videos.

Perfect for teachers to incorporate into lessons!


  • Chehaw Park and Zoo – K-12 education topics include: terrestrial animals (native Georgia and exotic), animal basic adaptations and anatomy, food chains and webs, behind the scenes, and various environmental topics.
  • Flint RiverQuarium - K-12 education topics include: marine and aquatic animals, animal adaptations, bird basics, reptile basics, behind the scenes, exploring wild Georgia, Leave No Trace, and various environmental topics.
  • Thronateeska - K12 education topics include: physical science, earth science, circuits, plants, and Georgia History

Free Live Virtual Field Trips and Teacher Workshops


The Zoo, Aquariums and Museum come to you with LIVE virtual field trips and teacher workshops. Virtual field trips all incorporate the Georgia Standards of excellence. K-12 topics include life science, earth science, physical science, and environmental science.Register to participate in live presentations or view our the lessons afterwards.


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Previous Virtual Lessons

Virtual Lessons & Companion Guides


Our educators have crafted companion lessons for our engaging science based videos utilizing the 5 Es of education: Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate & Evaluation. We encourage instructors to incorporate our learning resources into your lesson.

Grade Subject Link
K Animal ABCs: Reptiles Presentation
K Animal ABCs: Mammals Presentation
K Animal ABCs: Fish Presentation
K Meet the Invertebrates Presentation
1st Animal ABCs: Reptiles Presentation
1st Animal ABCs: Mammals Presentation
1st Animal ABCs: Fish Presentation
1st Meet the Invertebrates Presentation
3rd Animal Adaptations: Defense Presentation
3rd Animal Adaptations: Snakes Presentation
3rd Animal Adaptations: Snakes Presentation
3rd Migratory Birds Presentation
4th Animal Adaptations: Defense Presentation
4th Animal Adaptations: Snakes Presentation
4th Migratory Birds Presentation
4th Tidal Zones Presentation
4th All About Epiphytes Presentation
5th Tidal Zones Presentation
5th Animal Adaptations: Snakes Presentation
5th Animal Adaptations: Defense Presentation
5th Animal Adaptations: Defense Presentation
5th Migratory Birds Presentation
6th Tidal Zones Presentation
6th Ecozones Presentation
7th Trends in Wild Populations Presentation
7th Ecozones Presentation
8th Evolution of Whales Presentation
8th Ecozones Presentation
HS An Introduction to the Environmental Requirements and Importance of Plants Presentation
HS Essential Plant Structures: Flowers, Spring into New Growth Presentation
HS Essential Plant Structures: Roots, Starting From the Ground Up Presentation
HS Essential Plant Structures: Stems, Reaching New Heights Presentation
HS Essential Plant Structures: Leaves, Branching Out Presentation